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Search for "Picacross" on the Android Market to download now.

Update: We now have over 1 million puzzles downloaded and over half a million users ratings. We are all excited to see the community growing at the pace that it is and look forward to more in the future.

Picacross is essentially, "Picross" for the Android platform. It is a puzzle game similar to Sudoku or Minesweeper in which you fill in a grid based on logic and numbers. The current version allows users to download puzzles made by other users and register, then upload puzzles for others to solve and rate.

Picacross Plus


Picacross Plus Features

  • Over 2000 puzzles to solve
  • Download user generated puzzles
  • Upload your puzzles for others to play
  • Your progress is saved automatically
  • Browse for puzzles in any category
  • Customize with skins
  • Particle effects and animations
  • Compete for prizes in weekly contests
  • View leaderboards and rise in ranking
  • Fully supported with new updates
  • Thousands of puzzles to play and rate
  • Thousands of users already playing

Search for "Picacross" on the Android Market!